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Digital Staff 360˚ is a offshore staffing and service company with sales offices in the USA & UK and our operational offices in Tiruchirappalli, India. We specialize in offering Digital and Online staff as full time hires or on our monthly packages, billed hourly.

India – the best destination for Remote Work

For over two decades, India has been the preferred outsourcing destination for businesses around the world, and with good reason.

These statistics given you an idea of the sheer scale of talent that is present in India.

91 Colleges and Universities in our City of Trichy

3.1 Million new candidates in India join the talent pool every year

125 Million Indian people speak English, the second largest English-speaking nation in the World

Strong & stable government; pro-outsourcing polices

Stringent Data Production measures, backed by powerful Cyber Laws

Yes, it is 70% cheaper to hire offshore staff!!

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“Reduced Costs!” “Increased Quality and Efficiency!” “Fast Scalebility!” “No HR!” “No Payroll!” “70% less cost” say our Happy customers

Working with my own team in India has been a game changer! Our ability to scale when needed for projects is wonderful. The quality of work is great and the price makes it all the more impressive. 


Noah Buford

Owner - Smart IRS help

Digital Staff 360˚worked on our entire digital program from website to affiliate lead generation programs. Not only was this work done extremely fast but at 65% cheaper than any other quotation in the USA. We love these guys. Thanks! 


Andy Gioe

CEO Kigi Natural

Grand Welcome is a national online vacation rental business and Digital Staff 360 helped us build our marketing automation and build a an excellent lead generation program. We are extremely happy and saving $100,000 per year and have increased our leads by at least 2-3 times!

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Brandon Dean

CFO Grand Welcome

Our company has developed a great relationship with Digital Staff 360 and their dedication towards our websites is evident in all aspects of the work. We really appreciate their creative approach to bringing our new products to life.


Martin Lindop

Senior Director

From just $500 per month you will have access to our entire digital team

No other company offers A La Carte digital packages in India

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We work with

Websites, landing pages, social media, LinkedIn marketing!! starting at $500 per month.. Wow!!

No other company offers a full team service for one low price

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Now more than ever, as the world faces one of the worst economic crisis in history, all businesses will need to find ways to work smarter to stay in the game.

All business owners know that their biggest expense is for staff. So cutting the costs of labor is the quickest and most effective way of saving your business money.

Digital Staff can offer you a 70% reduction in salary spend.

Living costs are so much lower in India and salaries are too. In fact, you’ll pay up to 70% less than you’d have to pay at home – for the same talent. This means you could potentially employ three times as many staff, or multiple specialists instead of just one generalist.


Growth in any business is difficult as it requires financial investment of some kind. Either into advertising, office space or new technology.

BUT, with Digital Staff you can grow without this kind of capital expenditure. We take care of all the costs for hiring, managing and supporting your digital team.


When you employ locally you take on a multitude of expenses including office space and infrastructure. But what happens when you grow quicker than expected and you need to move to a bigger office?

Or what if you have to downscale? Reducing your lease is near impossible and you are stuck with all the computers and furniture you have already invested in!

When you work with Digital Staff, you don’t have to worry about any of this. If you need a bigger team – we source the new hires and get them set up without any impact on delivery. And if you need to downscale, we handle that too – with none of the inefficiencies and sunk costs.

Either way, you simply continue paying a monthly fee, on a per hire basis.



By reducing costs and hiring a digital offshore team you will be able to:

  • Set new competitive prices and gain more business
  • Spend more time innovating than managing staff
  • Offer your customers value-added services
  • Outbid your competitors

Your business will have the ability to scale up or down quickly depending on client needs.

You won’t have to deal with recruitment, overheads or contracts for your digital staff.

By working with an offshore team you will be able to focus on your customer needs – maximizing value and minimizing waste to get ahead of your competitors.

Our expert staff are constantly ahead of the curve and allow for innovation and agility to explore better ways of delivering results.

Just like football, business is a game of inches where the smallest advancement or advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing. And Digital Staff can offer you not just inches, but miles.

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When implemented properly, a digital offshore team can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of delivery.


If you decide to hire our team for a specific project we offer either hourly or monthly contracts to meet your business need. You will be able to access expertise in all areas of digital support you might require. And because they are working within a team of expects and can collaborate to get the job done it will be done quicker than a local team. Within our office there is a huge knowledge base to draw from so that issues can be dealt with quickly and no one is learning on your paid hours.


If you decide to have your own dedicated digital team you don’t share them with other companies. You select them, allocate deliverable to them, exactly as you do for your team at home. And you treat them exactly as you do your teams at home. What you don’t have to worry about is all the supporting services teams require – premises, recruitment, HR, IT, payroll, security, support, etc. We will take care of all of that.

And, just like with your team at home, you have total control over their performance and the quality of their work. You will set deadlines, monitor progress and provide performance feedback.

Through either of these models, your offshore team will become an integral part of your organization. As the relationship develops they will care about the outcomes of their work and work harder and be committed to continuous improvement.

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Times are more unpredictable than ever and its impossible to predict how your business may need to grow or downscale.

Any decision to grow your business will bring with it a financial investment. You will need office space, furniture, IT, software licenses. And then you will need to spend time recruiting and selecting employees taking your focus off your primary business concerns.

These initial costs are usually so significant that scaling is a slow, incremental process, and there is no margin for error.

In practical terms, here’s what hiring a Digital Staff team would look like:

You don’t need to move to new offices or increase your rental size (and cost)

You don’t need to invest in more furniture, computers and other infrastructure needed to support new employees

You can focus on growth and delivering to your clients – not on recruitment

You can get the people power you need to grow your business at a fraction of the cost

You can start with our Digital team package before moving to full hires to test it out

You can draw on our experienced talent management team and easily add more employees as you grow

You will be getting the benefits of a stable infrastructure and proven best-practice without all the hassles and expenditure.

Scale down without losses

When you have to make the decision to scale down your business it also comes with financial and time implications. Laying off staff requires payouts, HR issues not to mention the impact on remaining employees and staff morale.

However with Digital Staff you wont have to worry about any of these issues. You will be able to make the decision and we will implement the change.