Offshore staffing is a commonly used type of outsourcing. You create an extension of your business or team in another country, in this case India.

There are several traditional models of off shore staffing, but at Digital Staff 360˚, we provide unique solutions for the varied needs of businesses.

All of our packages eliminate the need to setup and handle facilities, IT, labor laws, recruitment and HR, therefore no capex. You will, however retain control of quality and productivity of your work and/or project. Our team takes care of everything on the ground, allowing you to focus on the business.

Tell us about your company’s staffing or project requirements.

To begin, we will discuss your business needs, your timelines and your objectives. After defining your needs, we will determine which of our packages is best suited for your business. We will then send you a proposal.

The next step would to create some job descriptions and/or project outlines to clearly map out your staffing requirements. We can then begin working with you on:

  • Recruiting staff on your behalf
  • Choosing a digital package that suits your budget
  • Conducting a detailed project brief

Together we formulate an IT infrastructure plan and set up communication tools and file sharing methods. Predetermine work methodology and scheduling. We prefer Zoom, Slack, Dropbox and Email but are open to using your preferred apps and communication tools if required.

Lastly, we will send you a cost estimate and our standard contracts. Armed with our detailed information and cost to saving analysis, you are ready to start saving money and growing your bottom-line.

We either draw on our existing team to work on your project or we recruit and employ staff members to join your team.

We use the job descriptions to find suitable candidates either from the existing Digital Staff 360 team or we recruit the required staff members.

If we recruit, we will present selected candidates to you for final selection. This allows you to select staff that best suit your business, company culture and individual team dynamics. If you prefer, we can set up interviews to meet candidates before making a hire.

Once you’ve selected the right people for your team, we employ them and set them up in our infrastructure which includes computers, internet and management.

Your staff member will have access to our existing team and pool of talent. We have a digital ecosystem to help achieve efficiency and high quality work. This allows for unlimited collaboration with experts in the office improving trouble shooting and increasing productivity.

Our management team has 20 years in international business, branding and marketing experience. We can therefore provide guidance on any technical or logistical challenges that may arise along the way.

Now that your team has been established we will introduce you to your project manager

You have control over your offshore staff and the work that they do. But you’re not expected to manage it alone. You will work together with your appointed project manager to manage your offshore team and their delivery.

Throughout the engagement, we provide:

  • Recruitment, HR, payroll, facilities management
  • Training & skills development
  • Employee engagement
  • IT deployment and support
  • Advice to optimize performance

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